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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How did WATT start?
    WATT is a non-profit organization founded by Holy Names graduates Mackenzie Jorgensen and Laura Debolt as a way to introduce girls to computer science at a young age. Mackenzie and Laura graduated from Holy Names Academy in 2016; now, both hold bachelor degrees in Computer Science: Mackenzie from Villanova and Laura from the University of Washington.
  • Why should I sign my daughter up for WATT?
    WATT is a great way to introduce girls to computer science. Being female based makes WATT an inclusive environment for girls in a field that is male dominated. WATT is focused on empowering girls and teaching them important skills in computer science.
  • Can my son join WATT?
    While WATT is focused on empowering girls in STEM, we will not turn away boys that are interested in joining. We ask that boys who want to join be open minded towards WATT being female based.
  • How does WATT work?
    WATT meets once a week for eight weeks at the schools we partner with. We run two curriculums, one in the fall and one in the spring. Generally, each lesson has introductory videos, explanations of concepts, hands-on demos, snack breaks, and an activity at the end so that students can apply what they learned!
  • Who teaches the classes?
    Core team members lead classes, while juniors and seniors from Holy Names Academy who have completed AP Computer Science also volunteer to teach.
  • What will my child be learning?
    Our curriculum varies every session; please refer to the homepage for the most current one!
  • How can I contact WATT?
    Feel free to email us at You can also visit our Facebook or Instagram for updates on what we're doing. Facebook: Instagram: @wattcoding
  • Can I connect with WATT on social media?
    Check out our Facebook and Instagram page for pictures! Facebook: Instagram: @wattcoding
  • I am a school administrator and would like to bring WATT to my school.
    That's awesome that you're interested; please contact us through email or Facebook with specifics and we will be in touch as soon as we can!
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